Friday, January 4, 2013

So it begins...

For my own amusement and you know, professional and intellectual development or whatever, I am going to try to read 100 books this year. I decided this is probably feasible after I read 85 books in 2012 without really trying. I had to start using Goodreads as a reading log for a class, and although I do love it to track what I've been reading and my star-level reactions to it, I don't often sit down and take the time to review more in depth. So that will be the primary objective of this blog. Not only do I want to work on my writing and critiquing skills, but I think it will be helpful to have written out what I thought of a book so when I want to recommend it to someone (usually a child since I work in a middle school library) it's not always "This book is awesome! Really! I know it looks dumb and boring but trust me there are dragons and fighting and stuff. It's great I promise...please come back?" So that is my grand vision and I really hope I write more than just this first "intro" post.

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